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The Anaesthesia web is produced and managed by the anaesthetic nurse Gunilla Lööf and the anaesthetist Ulf Lindsten at the Paediatric Anaesthesia Section of the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital in Stockholm. All information on the anesthesia web is examined and approved by the medically responsible director of the Paediatric Anaesthesia Section.

The Anaesthesiaweb is sponsored by The Swedish Inheritance Fund and The Foundation for the Astrid Lindgren Children´s Hospital.

The website is produced by Ambient Media.

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Illustrations: Marika Jonson, Peter Bigenstans and Tintin Timén

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Stefan Marling has lent his voice to the character of Doctor Safeweb.

Ossi and Klara’s blog

Text and idea: Emma Hamberg and Narkoswebben

Design and layout: Anette Roswall and Emma Hamberg

Why does fart smell?

Author: Roger Belusa and Narkoswebben

Illustrations: Ulf Nygren

Design and layout: Pia Nygren

Published by Sellin & Partner Bok och Idé AB, 2008

ISBN 978-91-7055-383-7

Hilding Vilding’s Fixeli-fix Adventure and the Silver Coin

Author: Stefan Wahlberg, Tintin Timén and Narkoswebben

Illustrations and design: Tintin Timén

ISBN: 978-91-633-4037-6

Paint, play and learn with Hilding Vilding

Text and idea: Stefan Wahlberg, Tintin Timén and Narkoswebben

Illustrations and design: Tintin Timén

ISBN 978-91-633-4083-3

© Hilding Vilding is a registered trademark owned by Stefan Wahlberg and Tintin Timén.

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Anaesthesia web song
Dad is never frightened, not even of thunder
Nor of lions, nor of Mum, and that’s a wonder
She gets mad sometimes, but Dad isn’t frightened
But would you believe it, he’s really frightened
When I’m off to hospital for an operation
Really weird, eh, for a dad to be that frightened

Help, they’ll put me to sleep, that’s scary, what if I die
Green face-masks and hats, machines that I
Hate, knives and blood – yuck, wetting myself, what could be worse,
Of course you get frightened
Of having injections, of seeing both doctor and nurse
All that’s really not for me, home’s the place where I want to be

Cool that someone has thought of my situation, for sure
Both Mum and Dad and me want to know what’s in store
For me, then I won’t be so pained, and Mum less strained
On the site we can find what we need, all the answers, yes indeed
The very best cure for fear – anaesthetic web
The very best cure for fear – anaesthetic web

Original title: Who isn’t afraid at times?

George Riedel/Astrid Lindgren

New text: Gunilla Lööf

Song: Clara Strand

Guitar: Kenneth Berrio-Garcia

Published and licensed by Warner/Chapell Music Scandinavia

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