At the operating department

After arriving at the operating department, a parent or accompanying adult can come along into the operating room. The accompanying person will be asked to wear a gown, cap and shoe covers. The child will be transferred from a stretcher to an operating table on wheels which can then be rolled into the operating room. While preparing for the induction of anesthesia, parents or accompanying adults can sit on a stool next to the patient. When anesthesia medication is administered, the patient will fall asleep quickly. Once the patient has fallen asleep, accompanying persons will be escorted out of the operating room by staff to a near-by waiting room.

Many parents experience the quick induction of anesthesia and leaving of their child in others hands to be frightening and difficult. It can be helpful in this situation to remember that the staff always have your childs safety as their first priority. Throughout the anesthesia your child is monitored by competent staff and special monitoring equipment.


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