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Glädjeverkstan [Mirth Workshop]

Hi there! We are the clowns at the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital. Look at our homepage and read more about us through clicking on our pictures. You can also play the clown memory and write on the scribble fence. A big hug!

Foundation for the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital

The Foundation for the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital was formed in 1997. The foundation’s goal is to ‘promote the care of children in hospital’ which it does e.g. through working to ensure that the environment around and within the hospital, in all respects, shall facilitate the child’s stay and thereby hasten its recovery. contains information on health and health care for all. Adults can read about illnesses, examinations, treatments, medicines and much else. For children there is the Children’s Ward with cartoon films about what happens when undergoing an examination or treatment in hospital or at the dentist. The website is run by Sweden’s County Councils and Regions.

Children’s Ward

At the Children’s Ward there are cartoon clips on the experience of undergoing examination or treatment at hospital or at the dentist. Here, one can try out the dentist’s drill, go along with Billy Bläckfisk [Octopus] when he is given a jab in one of his many arms, learn how the X-ray apparatus functions, what the body looks like inside and much else besides. The Children’s Ward is at, a website run by Sweden’s County Councils and Regions.

The Body

The fantastic human body is a smart creation. It comprises 100 billion living cells, all of which have been formed from one small little fertilised egg cell. In the Body you can read about the different parts of the body, what they look like and how they function. Here, there are hundreds of illustrations. The body is to be found at, a website run by Sweden’s County Councils and Regions.

Health Care Guide

The Health Care Guide provides information on health and healthcare in Stockholm County Council. On the Healthcare Guide there are answers to your questions on illnesses and health, on opening times and addresses for healthcare, on medicines and your rights as patients.

Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Every year around 300 children get cancer. Three out of four children survive their cancer illness but in every fourth family the inconceivable occurs. The vision of the Childhood Cancer Foundation is that all children who develop cancer shall be restored to good health and lead a full life. The Foundation accounts for the major part of all child cancer research in Sweden.

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