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The fear of the unknown may be hard to handle at all ages, in particular for children who frequently have a lively imagination and limited understanding. Preparations for uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations have great importance in reducing children’s stress experiences. It is therefore important that children and their next-of-kin are informed about what will happen at the hospital.

Parents/next of kin are an important link between the child and those of us who work at the hospital. In order, as parent/next of kin, to be able to participate and be supportive for the child it is important to feel well-informed and secure with the situation.

At the Anaesthesia web children and adults are able to learn more about being in hospital and what happens before, during and after anaesthesia and the operation. Here, one is able to take part in a hospital adventure together with the hospital’s clowns, meet Hilding Vilding, potter around and paint, watch films, play games, read blogs and meet children in different ages who have actually been in hospital.

There is also information here on different forms of anaesthesia, sedation, pain alleviation and answers to frequently asked questions from children and adults. There are also suggestions as to how those closest to them can prepare both themselves and their children of different ages prior to the hospital visit. One good way to prepare is to read books, for this reason there are also tips on reading material for both children and adults.

The Anaesthesia web may also be used for coming to terms with what has happened when the child comes home again after the hospital stay. Information on the website, moreover, can be offered to brothers and siblings, friends and others close to the child. These frequently have questions and thoughts about what happens to the child admitted to hospital, to be anaesthetised and operated on.

All the information on the Anaesthesia web is produced in order to be generally applicable. This means that it can be used by children and those closest to them regardless of the hospital to which they are admitted.

The website is developed and designed by the anaesthetic nurse Gunilla Lööf and the anaesthesiologist Ulf Lindsten at the Paediatric Anaesthesiology Section of the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital in Stockholm. All information on the Anaesthesia web is reviewed and approved by the director of medicine at the Pediatric Anaesthesiology Section.

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